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19 September 2010 @ 08:27 pm
13 5th gen icons

hiCollapse )
will probably be my last batch tbh. too lazy. it's a parting gift since i hate 5th gen pokemon save for 12 (but still want the games. n's storyline seems interesting) but that's all the rage with people nowadays, right

edit: and a little extra because i love erufuun.

you can't use it because it's too big, but you can look!
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29 August 2010 @ 08:02 pm
so i have a fascination for things eating: ie i have a gif collection of various kpop idols eating but you don't need to know that.......


my favorite pokemon is not clefairy so why do i keep drawing clefairy

TOGEPI AND HOUNDOOM: BEST FRIENDS FOREVER unrelated but whatever pokeshipping is real??? i don't knowCollapse )

guys i lost my psd so i cant copypasta sprites onto the psd to continue making all the johto icons the same hence why i am being lazy and putting off the icons but i will do it someday in the near/far future

watch me ok it'll make me happy find the link yourself i am lazy right now i just carried a bunch of heavy boxes filled with books
27 July 2010 @ 08:07 pm

100 and something pokemon icons.Collapse )

... ignore the ledian that was in the last batch, idk why it's there but i'm too lazy to remove it because then i have to edit everything below it and that sucks

ok anyone watching this is probably like "oh you haven't posted in over a month" but before you say anything my mom died ok i also lost interest in iconing pokemon idk i have always been more of a korean pop fappist except i dont masturbate

anyway like there are no good gif icons here seriously i ran out of ideas
actually all my ideas are for the 4th gen sprites that i plan
guys if you have anything that is 2nd gen that i should joke about please tell me :( also i was supposed to make an IDK MAN tentacool (seriously there's another one!!!) but i got lazy i will save it for the next batch ok
... and yeah this is not all the 2nd gen sprites i am going to do ok
and sorry for the lack of coloring variations this was pretty much "oh i like my color settings COPYPASTA YEAHHHHHHHH"

i hope i dont forget to unlock this post i always do that :( now i need to crosspost everywhere this is so tedious
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